Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Finally mommy time...

Well, the kiddos and parents are finally asleep and I actually get some time for myself which doesn't happen too often. It has been a good day but it has also been a stressful day with my folks being here and it never fails when my parents come there is always some kind of drama. You see, in my family i am the youngest so my family thinks it's ok to try to run my life and tonight i had just had enough and let them all know what i really thought and we had it out but everything is ok now. I just get tired of being treated like a child when i am 34yrs old but oh well i guess that just goes with the territory. You know that is one thing about me i am not afraid to speak my mind, I don't sugarcoat and i don't beat around the bushes i say things the way they are. It's just nice to have some time to myself. I love christmas time but in all honesty i am glad it's done and over for the year. Christmas time can really be stressful. Well, it's been cold and rainy today and they are saying it's supposed to snow sometime later tonight so we will see about that. I hope it does though because i know the kids would just love it since they have never seen any snow up close.

Merry Christmas

Well, today is christmas day and now we are just at home relaxing. The kids had us all up at 6 this morning to open up their presents and find out what santa had brought for them. They all had a good christmas and got alot of stuff and just had a really good day. We had a little bit of family drama tonight but that goes with any family i guess. My folks have been here since saturday and we have had a good time with them. Last night we had christmas dinner at my uncles house and my whole family was there and we just had a really good time. It was the first time in a long time that we were all together and just had alot of laughs and really good food. Today i felt like a stuffed turkey because we ate so good last night.